Welkom bij Hollaback! Amsterdam. Wij zetten ons in voor het bestrijden van straatintimidatie, door het delen van ervaringen met straatintimidatie, door daders verantwoordelijk te houden voor hun daden en door beleidsmakers in beweging krijgen. Met jouw hulp kunnen we straatintimidatie op de kaart zetten als een probleem wat ook in Nederland urgent aandacht verdient. Door je verhaal te delen laat je aan anderen zien dat zij veilig hetzelfde kunnen doen en laat je de overlastplegers weten dat hun gedrag consequenties heeft!

We werken eraan de oorspronkelijke website naar het Nederlands te vertalen. Of je nu Nederlands, Engels of beide talen spreekt, op deze plek kun je je ervaringen delen en anderen aanmoedigen hetzelfde te doen.

Sluit je aan bij onze gemeenschap van gemotiveerde mensen overal in het land en deel je verhaal met een klik op de “Share my Story” knop hierboven.

Met jouw hulp kunnen we een einde maken aan straatintimidatie in Nederland!

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Xing’s story: A poor excuse for an apology

Around 1/6/16: A vehicle was parked along Holterbergweg. As I passed by, an employee shouted ‘Sayonara!’ at me. I took a picture of the vehicle and made a complaint to the company.

They replied: “On account of your e-mail of June the first, we spoke with our employe in question. He was not aware of the history facts and the sentiments. You are right, our employe just had good intentions and thought he was being friendly. We are sorry that you perceived otherwise. For the future our employe will take into account that not everybody can appreciate being greeted this way. We consider the matter as closed and we wish you a nice day.”

In other words, the company gave a ‘sorry-not-sorry’ response, insinuating that the blame was on me, for failing to perceive his ‘friendliness.’

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Xing’s story: From whistle to glare without regard

May or June 2016: The male occupant of a car whistled at me, pulled up next to me, and stared at me.

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Xing’s story: catcallers get a deserved response

25/8/16: Small white car with two males wearing red shirts (one with glasses and one without) in the front seats, shouted at me while passing by on De Boelelaan. Then as they passed the woman cyclist some 20 metres in front of me, she looked abruptly at them and her left hand flew up. I was too far away to hear but they almost certainly shouted at her too. They stopped at the traffic light, at the junction with Van Leijenberghlaan. I parked my bicycle in front of their car so that they couldn’t move, and was about to take a picture of their car when the police showed up. The police officers questioned us separately, confirmed my story, and gave them a stern lecture and a warning. They assured me that any subsequent violation will result in a ticket.

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Xing’s story: racial slurs

A lorry was pulling out of the car park when one of the three occupants shouted ‘Ni hao’ at me.

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What ‘Sexual Harris Meant?’ – a guest blog by Anna Nichols

What ‘Sexual Harris Meant?’ is a brilliant piece written by Watson Fellow Anna Nichols.
Long time, no post! I have been in the Netherlands for about two weeks now but was unable to post because of computer issues (which have since been resolved). There has been a lot I have wanted to post about, but one of the most pressing is about…(can you guess it?)…SEXUAL HARASSMENT (and being a woman and traveling). So here is a Trigger Warning: sexual assault, harassment, reality.

Am I allowed to shove this in Mr. Dog-butt-cat-caller's face? That's kosher.

Anna Nichols is currently on a Watson Fellowship exploring women’s contraceptive choices around the globe and currently in the Netherlands. Her project is titled “Informed Consent, Individual Choice, and Factors Influencing Women’s Conceptive Decision Making”. You can follow her travels on her blog .

Continue reading here .

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Laura’s story: police standby as harassers go all out

I was waiting outside our office with a group of colleagues. A guy was hanging outside the window of his car (3 others were also in the car) and verbally harassing everyone nearby or passing his car. At one point, a girl passed by on her bicycle and the guy yelled at here: do you want to come with us? I want to come in your mouth. A police car was in front of him and the police officer did not intervene during any of his verbal assaults on people.

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alone, following, group, sexual

Anonymous’ Story: “Do you want to fuck?”

While walking alone I was asked by a group of seven boys if I wanted to fuck. They stalked and followed me until I went inside the gym.

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Anonymous’ Story: “Stupid Bitch”

Riding by bike back home in the evening and heard calling ‘nice body’. When I didn’t respond I was called a ‘stupid bitch’. Went to bed with a bad feeling.

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