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Amsterdam: Haven of Sex, Drugs and Rrr…Catcalls?

When people think about Amsterdam, what usually comes to mind is a fantastical world of marijuana, Red Light Districts and lots of gorgeous canals running through the city. The Netherlands is not really an obvious place to look at street harassment. Ranked fourth in Europe by the European Institute for Gender Equality, and ranked 14th … Continued

Check out the new bloggers for SSH!

Are you interested in broadcasting your experiences, views or research on street harassment? Check out Stop Street Harassment’s new cohort of bloggers, including Hollaback! Amsterdam’s Eve Aronson, and consider applying to be one yourself! For more information, contact Stop Street Harassment’s founder, Holly Kearl.  

New Research on Street Harassment in NL!!

As part of their academic work, Hollaback!’s Eve Aronson and Eline Waerp did extensive research on who is affected by street harassment in the Netherlands, how they are affected, why it matters and what can be done to fight it. Check out their amazing work below! Eve and Eline can be reached at: [email protected] Aronson, … Continued

New Street Harassment Survey in Amsterdam!

In January and February 2015, Eve conducted a survey of street harassment in Amsterdam as part of her research. Click the link below the picture for the complete results of the survey and let us know your comments! 2015 Amsterdam Street Harassment Survey